Question: Who is Platte County’s History Illustrated for?

Answer: Anyone! The illustrations make it appealing to young people and adults alike, and the written content provides an amazing look into the profound story of who we are as a people.

Question: I don’t live in Platte County, and I’m not from Missouri. Would I still find Platte County’s History Illustrated of interest?

Answer: Absolutely! Regardless of where you’re from, you’ll be encouraged and inspired by the many stories of people living through the best and worst that life has to offer. You’ll also be prompted to thoughtfully consider how ideals, regional differences, Christianity, Government and more shaped – and continues to shape – our communities today.

Question: What will I learn about in Platte County’s History Illustrated?

Answer: You’ll learn about Lewis and Clark, the War with Mexico, the Gold Rush, pioneer settlements, Native Americans, Jesse James, Grasshopper invasions, unusual and funny situations, the beginning of the Border War – and the actual Border War itself, the War Between the States, Jayhawkers and Red-Legs, the impact of Reconstruction, Martial Law in Missouri, Order Number 11, Oath Taking, the burning of Platte City (and the courthouse) by Federal troops, the Temperance movement, a dentist accused of impropriety, Christianity’s impact on civilization, and more!

Question: How can I obtain a copy?

Answer: You can not only purchase a copy through the Ben Ferrel Museum or Platte County Landmark – but you can also purchase via one of the following options:



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