logosPlatte County’s History Illustrated is a 70 page book designed and illustrated by Matthew Silber, a Missouri artist, and is released through the Platte County Historical Society in celebration of the 175th Anniversary of the founding of Platte County, Missouri. This 8.5 by 10 book features large, full-color illustrations on each page depicting many of the historical events (in chronological order) relating to the Platte County area from around 1837 until 1897. Additionally, each page also features a written portion compiled from the highly esteemed historical resource known as Paxton’s Annals. (For an example of the general layout of each page, click here).

Paxton’s Annals, from which Platte County’s History Illustrated draws its historical data from, is an 1100 page book created by William McClung Paxton, and printed in 1897. Paxton, born in 1819, lived in Platte City, worked in business and law, and utilized first-hand observation, newspaper articles and more to create this profound work. The Annals are also Paxtonknown for Paxton’s largely unvarnished accounts of the Border War and War Between the States, and the powerful, personal – and sometimes shocking – glimpse into the horrors visited upon this community. As Platte County Historical Society notes, “His Annals of Platte County, Missouri 1837-1897 is an excellent record of people and events during the first 60 years of Platte County’s existence.” Read more about Mr. Paxton at Platte County Historical Society.

Platte County’s History Illustrated was created out of the desire to share the important knowledge contained within Paxton’s Annals to those who may not have the opportunity to read Mr. Paxton’s 1100 page book. Extremely accessible – especially for young people – the illustrations help to bring this period of time to life in an exciting way. If you’d like to understand more about why things are the way they are, and see the impact that people have had in building community, you owe it to yourself to check out Platte County’s History Illustrated!



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