Platte County’s History Illustrated for Sale Now!


Platte County’s first illustrated history book is now available for purchase either as a hard copy or digital download!

The illustrator of the book says that, “My goal with this book is for people everywhere to be drawn into the powerful story of Platte County history through the colorful, dramatic ‘graphic novel’ format. This history, which is a snap-shot of the struggles that a typical community faced during this dramatic time period, is very accessible and extremely applicable to people throughout Missouri and beyond. The written portions of the book detailing the historical aspects come directly from Mr. Paxton’s 1897 annals, and highlight many of the tragic, unusual, humorous, or profound moments of those people who have come before – including a fascinating glimpse into the impact of the War Between the States on a local, state and national level. I think people today will find a lot to encourage them as they look at what Platte County people went through to build the community we have today.” (Note: When checking out the above video – please make sure you have your sound on!)

Platte County, History, Illustrated, graphic novel, book, missouriIt should also be pointed out that residents throughout Missouri and elsewhere will also find this easy-to-read book to not only be an important resource on the time period – but a sometimes surprising (and shocking) look into the hardships of pioneer families, the building of western civilization, the War with Mexico, the Gold Rush, Border War and Senator Atchison, early newspapers, dramatic situations surrounding the Civil War, Jesse James, grasshopper invasions, Native Americans, the arrival of the phone, the temperance movement, and more!  As the book utilizes the writings of a man (Mr. Paxton) who lived through the events described, and wrote about these experiences – sometimes having witnessed the events from a first-hand perspective – the combination of his writing with illustrations depicting the dramatic scenes described truly make for a memorable reading experience where history almost comes to life! Some have even stated that after reading this book, they’ve come away with an exciting new perspective on this important and influential period of history. (Note: As Paxton lived in Platte County, the book details many experiences that occurred here. But there are also many writings of interest involving Jackson County, Clay County, Clinton County and Buchanan County – as well as Missouri and the nation as a whole)

To view sample images from the book, click here and here. The 70 page book is full color, recommended for ages 13+, and is sized at 8.5 by 10.


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